Monday, February 1, 2010

Pancakes, Pancakes By Eric Carle

I know... I know...  We are CRAZYYYYY about pancakes!!!  
(See our post for our BEST FLAPJACKS... yes, you heard right... BEST!! HERE)
It is a weekend specialty and a must at our house!  
Due to this crazy necessity ... it has us fiddling with tons of new recipes so we do not get bored...
(AS IF!!!)
This weekend we tried again our new favorite recipe and i'll post the recipe another time but it includes substituting the buttermilk for yogurt and adding orange juice and honey.  It creates a super moist pancake and absolutely so delicious that it does not even need maple syrup... you just add butter and confectionary sugar on top.

Here they are served with an orange honey butter i made and confectionary sugar.... 
sooo good!

So it seemed fitting for us to read a great book by Eric Carle called Pancakes, Pancakes.  
The book is the story of a boy who would like pancakes for breakfast but his mom does not have the ingredients to make them and makes him go to get each ingredient right at the source... 
milk from the cow, grain ground at the mill, churning your own butter, etc.  
Great to know and learn that the ingredients are not made within the supermarket!! :) 

ok... here is Williams Sonoma newest tool...
Of course I needed it!!!
The Pancake Pen!   
Actually great for carefully pouring batter into decorative pancake molds
You can purchase it (HERE.)

and just because it  trully is very  kawaii...
Just thought i'd show you all our hello kitty waffle maker given to me by my friend Jane ages ago... (ehem...given to me....not honeypie... I do adore hello kitty.... she is very cute!!)

heh heh... if you are mesmerized too by ms hello kitty ... you can get the waffle maker ( HERE )... 

These are made using the regular buttermilk pancake batter 
and served with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and nutella !!



  1. You make me salivate. Seriously. Also, I must get that book. I love how it teaches about the source of foods.



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