Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Children's poetry...

I had been saving this copy of " A light in the attic" by Shel Silverstein for a very long time with the hope to read it to my own child someday.
(I love poetry and it absolutely fills my soul .)  
So last week I thought it a good idea to begin reading some poetry with honeypie and pulled this copy out of an old box.  
Shel Silverstein is a very beloved poet and writer and his poetry from what I remembered was funny, silly and who can forget the book "A giving tree" by him????? that is my favorite book and it still makes me tear up when i read it... !!
I know this book " A light in the attic" is very popular.... BUT I had not read it for a long long time... So imagine my surprise  and shock to find some CRAZY and slightly inappropriate poems within to share with honeypie.... (again.... not all were crazy but there were enough in there to make me give my copy to goodwill)  
I think I concider myself pretty open, maybe even pretty liberal in my views...    

Honeypie did NOT like this book.

What is happening here????  
honeypie had questions...

This is just eerie and very "silence of the lambs" with jodie foster......

Ok.. this one is good for nightmares... 

As I recycle that copy...

I'd like to share with you some of our favorite poetry books we have been reading lately...
beautiful words and art and a great introduction into the art of poetry reading with kids.

(My lesson learned???
read books you are going to share with kids before hand....)

Honeypie is enjoying poetry very much right now.  Loves listening to my voice as I read them.  
They remind her of songs she says...
She is loving the more nature based poetry and i think i might share some Mary Oliver with her... My favorite.! 
We are starting to want to write our own poems too and I will share with you the poems when we do.  Really looking forward to that!
My favorite poets???

Pablo Neruda
Octavio Paz
Nikki Giovanni
Mary Oliver 
June Jordan
Sandra Cisneros
and E. E. Cummings... just to name a few!

and remember...

Poetry month is APRIL! 

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