Thursday, September 30, 2010

First tooth ...

Oh it feels like we have been waiting for this forever! Our first tooth has finally fallen out!!
All it took was patience and a little inspiration from our favorite nana-like librarian, who swore all her grandkids had used a piece of terrycloth to giggle and pull their teeth out. (I have horrid flash backs of my childhood with a string wrapped around my tooth and around a door knob and a closing of such door).... So I in noway wanted rush her and i let her take control of her own teeth.
She was so excited!!

But we had a little problem...
She did not want the tooth fairy to take her tooth... So we left the fairy a little note...

And the tooth fairy left us a little note too!

She left us some coins and fancy chocolate as well!

Honeypie was amazed and completely on cloud nine. "mama!!! The tooth fairy left me a note!!! I am soooo special!!! :)"

Yes you are baby... Yes you are.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Some vegan hits ...

Getting a kid to eat veggies sometimes can be as much fun as a trip to the dentist for a root canal. I mean... I'm talking about my kid. She can be quite adventurous or very choosy depending on the weather. Though she finds some things like pesto delicious, whether walnut- kale or basil - pinenut, she will frown at mushrooms. She might say yes to butternut squash soup or quinoa stew but no to green or red peppers...
figure that. Hmmm.
Kids can be picky.
So my going vegan has made home meals more complex and obviously veggie based and it has been a challenge to see what passes as "great" for honeypie. She is still eating some dairy, eggs and the occasional turkey meatball which she loves for lunch or breakfast but I've made dinner strictly veggie based for ALL.
So last week I worked from the awesome book "veganomicon" by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, as well as her "Vegan Brunch" and Terry Romero's "Viva Vegan" and these were some great hits for everyone.

Chickpea, potato and spinash enchiladas with a tomatillo sauce. (honeypie ate hers without the tomatillo or spinash ...)

These were awesome !!!!! Sooooo delicious that everyone must have had 4 a piece !
Potato pancake samosas ( Indian spiced but not hot). Amazing ! Eaten with a mango chutney and a vegan lime mayo.

This was a good soup. Butternut squash with adzuki beans and shiiitake garnish, spiced with Ginger, cloves, cinnamon. Honeypie really liked this but minus the shiitake.

And of course dessert...
Great vegan chocolate almond cookies. Filled our cookie jar for the week.

These were pumpkin chocolate brownies... Spiced with a bit of cayenne!

So all in all...
Getting there with broadening honeypie's palette.
If it was up to her...
It would probably be pasta day everyday...
So cooking and choosing together our meals might be a good way for her to keep an open mind.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello fall...

We had been eagerly awaiting the beginning of fall all week. We went on night walks in the park to watch the moon and we were so excited for the harvest moon on wednesday night . But on our third walk on Wednesday, It started to thunder and the moon hid in and out of clouds all night. So no big orange moon sighting on this autumn solstice. :(
Thursday we went out again at night and enjoyed a yellow bright moon and welcomed the first night of fall. We opened all windows and aired the house out. (and burned some sage to clear the air .)
We did enjoy our night walks and loved hearing the sounds of crickets and night creatures. It was experiencing our park with new ears and eyes. We even saw big bright Jupiter . A huge treat.

Honeypie painted her favorite sighting of the moon.

We read books about autumn.

(some were funny!)

We also read a book about the moon.

And honeypie requested a "harvest celebration" like dinner... Something with corn she said. So I made her vegan corn chowder and vegan corn bread in the shape of cute little acorns.

(here's the cute acorn pan.)

She also started writing a book about fall. Here are some pages...

Hello fall !

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our first tooth has not fallen out YET but we are still reading tons about the science of it all.
Today we read the book "the magic school bus and the missing tooth" and we made a paper version of a tooth to understand the inner workings of teeth.

We drew a big tooth on construction paper and colored in the nerves and pulp.

We cut that out...

We cut 2 semi circles to illustrate the outside and inside parts of the gums...

We then cut a slit into the paper to slide our tooth into the gums leaving the crown of the tooth exposed and the roots hidden.

Here's the tooth...

And oh oh... A decayed tooth!!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A peek into our week..

(Sometimes I want to box mano a mano with technology.  As much as it blows my mind away daily... I just erased a whole bunch of blog entries including this one I am re-posting, with just a push of a button on my phone and funny how it cannot be undone.... aughhhh time wastage.  So here I am posting this one again. Sorry if you have already read it! )

So this is just a small peek into the second week of our homeschooling journey.  This week finds us trying to find the rhythm of our days and trying to see where it leads us.  Honeypie has chosen the topics that she is interested in learning about and investigating and so far they include things like our solar system, volcanoes, ponies, unicorns, bugs that scare her and spanish.  This is all new to us but not really... a friend said to me once something that still resonates in my mind.  She said, "you are not "starting" homeschooling... you've been homeschooling her since she was born", and she is so right.  Honeypie and I have been involved in her world of curiosity and questioning, of reading and making art together, making the warmth of our home for now almost 6 years.  Its been a wonderful journey so far and this blog documents almost 2 years in the making.  When I tell people that we are homeschooling, some eyes roll but the majority are in awe.  How can you do that?  how do you do that?  aren't there laws about this? how do you find time for yourself? how do you know you are doing it right? ... on and on the questions.  That made me scared at first.  Made me doubt my decision, made me second guess myself.  I don't have a whole lotta answers BUT here we are and like most things I do in life ... i'm jumping right in.
Our challenges this week revolve around rhythm and routines.  What comes first, what comes next?  what is the goal of the day or week.  I would say we are operating at a 90% success, considering the major wads of lists I have been keeping and scratching things off as we go.   My main goal is keeping things fun, exciting and relaxed. Making things relevant to our everyday life.  Keeping a calm home life (and self) and being outdoors as much as we can, going to the library, to the park, museums and really soaking it all up.  
(I'm also sneaking in some gym and yoga for mama.)
We are keeping a creative writing journal, a nature journal, and a math journal and we are still making, baking, reading, seeing, loving what the day will bring.  I think that is plenty for this little kindergardener who also has choir, tap dance, ballet and swimming to add to her afternoons.  Busy, busy bee.  
We are looking forward to next week as we prepare for the autumn solstice and honeypie has lots of ideas on how to celebrate the beginning of fall.  So stay tuned.

Who is present today and ready to learn?

Looking at our week 

beginning Spanish lessons

Making a bracelet for a a dear friend who has moved far away

and a card too

Working on math with geometry tiles

Observing things in our discovery box using a magnifying glass

Enjoying the beautiful day and painting monarch butterflies that are still sipping nectar from our flowers

Reading... tons of reading

some new library picks

enjoying ballet class

and some foodie requests...
buckwheat crepes with nutella and bananas

Roasted veggie soup (aka. ITS JUST tomato soup!! ~_^ wink) 
eggplant, zucchini, onion, tomato and red peppers with crispy onions

and her favorite lunch... cold sesame green tea soba noodles with dipping sauces!


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