Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cute Yummy Time by La carmina

This week we played with our food a little bit, inspired by a book we received as a gift from a great friend of ours,  called  Cute Yummy Time by La Carmina.

We had fun creating some of her inspired goodies... though i must say sculpting with macaroni and cheese was absolutely not easy... because what happens when you heat cheese?????????? helloooooooo mess.
Plus she recommends that you let the macaroni and cheese sit out a bit before sculpting which prompts me to ask... isn't the whole point of making food cute  so make kids will be inspired to eat it?  well try to feed cold pasta into one.  No way!
I made a ball with the macaroni and cheese by sticking the macaroni into ramekins lined with plastic wrap.
I left it in the fridge for an hour... took it out... dressed it in cucumber and tomato hats...  took a picture... then placed it in the microwave to heat it up...   it all melted into a pile... and Honeypie and I laughed alot while she ate it!

Here's ours... a snowball with sailor cap

and a teddy bear.

Here are some other things we tried...
The hatching chick... (eyes and legs made with seaweed/ nori, beak with a bit of carrot)
very cute!

and the "foxy oatmeal"... though we skipped the not so cute fox and went right to our own lemur/bear/mouse  (honeypie did not like the fox face in the picture)
ears made with pear slices, eyes with raisins, mouth with pecans.

the chubby lemur from madagascar?

It was fun to play with our food... even for mama!

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