Friday, February 12, 2010

Love fortune teller

Here's a quick project slightly inspired by this month's family fun magazine. Their project called for using crayola model magic to mold and build around the glass jar but we thought we'd collage some tissue paper around the jar instead. Easier to make for little hands.

Here's what you need...
Glass jar
Glue gun
Foam sheet to cut out small hearts
Sharpie to write messages
We used an acorn since it's what we had but a small foam ball would do too. This is so you can hot glue gun the little hearts to it.

Dilute some elmers glue with a little water and have your little one collage strips of tissue paper around the jar.

We cut some pink tissue hearts and added those too

After everything is collaged...
Cover the whole jar with mod podge. It will seal all in and give the jar a shine.

Now ... When everything is dry... Add the acorn/ball heart fortune teller and water in the jar all the way to the very top, leaving very little air if possible.
An adult will hot glue gun a pretty ribbon around the edge of the jar and also hot glue gun the jar to the lid by creating a glue seal around the edge. (So little hands do not open the jar and spill all the water!!!)

You are all done!!!

Do you love me a bunch mama????

Will I eat tons of chocolate on valentines day???

Can I stay up all night watching backyardigans ?

Sorry Charlie !!! Two out of three is not bad!!

Will this be the sweetest valentines day yet???

Happiest day!!!


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