Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine bling

Here's yet another valentine craft idea for little hands!
(A girl can never have too much bling!)

You need:
6 colored pipe cleaners
Another silver or gold depending on your love of bling bling... Must be Sparkly!!!
And another one in green for the leaves. So 8 in total.

Twist together about 4 times

Curve around your finger and twist twice

Fan all the pipe cleaners out making sure they are all even in length

Tuck in each of the tips ( they are sharp)

Curve down each of the pipe cleaners down to the center of the ring like snails tightly...

Bring 2 petals to the center and curve slightly...
Shape the rest of the petals around the rose...

Ok... You are ready for the sparkly bling!

Wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around the base of the rose ring..

Curve the opposite end like a snail towards the rose center...

Tuck it in to the center of the rose...

Now you are ready for the leaves...
Twist the green pipecleaner around the base of the rose once

Curve the two ends inward like snails

And shape the leaves gently

Heh heh...

One happy valentine fairy!

Thanks Martha!


  1. Good morning :) I love everything I've seen on your blog :) I'm already inspired to create something this morning :) It was really nice to chat with you yesterday {ballet class} ~I would love to get together and create something really cute for the girls recital :) I also want to apologize for the "diva moment" my little angel had yesterday~I hope you little angel is ok :) Hope to talk to you soon, Ciao

  2. HI there!!!! thanks so much for stopping by our blog and so glad you were inspired to create!!! Can't wait to hear what you created!
    Yes! I too had a really nice time connecting and chatting with you at ballet (thanks so much for the book!) Let's see if we can get our girls together for a crafty artsy day? and tea for us!
    talk soon too! :)



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