Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little birdycakes

Its valentines day soon and as we prepare here to eat all those chocolate baked goodies,
we thought we'd make some valentine goodies for the birdies too....

little birdycakes !

We got the inspiration for these from the magazine family fun.  (recipe here)...
BUT the recipe makes for very crumbly and brittle birdycakes...
So I doubled the flour and water mixture to give the seeds more to hold on to.


1 1/2 c birdseed
4 tb of flour
6-8 tb of warm water ... depending on the consistency you are getting.
You want the mixture to be not too wet.

add flour to the seeds...


add water

Mix well and place into well oiled cookie molds. 
(you must oil the molds with the oil spray otherwise the seeds will stick!) 
Press down the mixture evenly.

Place a cut straw into the centers and leave it in during baking ... 
(this will make the holes for lacing a ribbon through for hanging)

Bake at 170*  F in the oven for about an hour or until the birdycake hardens.

I hear them tweet tweet-ing already! 

happy birdies - delicious birdycakes!


February 12-15 is "the great backyard bird count!!"...

Join the cornell lab of ornithology and Audubon and help in with the bird count.  
(Here's ) how to participate.


  1. The lowest my oven goes is 200. I suspect I could just lessen the time and check them frequently. Also, I assume that the molds and straws are removed before baking, right?

  2. Hi eidolons!
    Thanks for visiting!
    I think baking at 200 would be ok... I would just make sure to check every 15-20 minutes. No... actually you bake in (within) the METAL cookie molds... because you are baking at such low temperature, nothing will happen to the cookie molds and you have to leave the straws in for the hole to keep its shape. Our straws did not melt nor was there any funky smell after heating. The issue lies in the recipe family fun gives. They do not call for too much liquid/flour and we doubled our. depending on the seed you use, the consistency you are looking for is that of pudding like paste for the seed. Not watery. So feel it our by adding more or less flour water. The flour /water is the glue!
    Good luck! :)
    ^_^ tell me how it goes!

  3. woops! a little late and re-reading this...! i meant to say... we doubled our recipe ! It is a super easy recipe so don't worry... just feel out the consistency of the paste...not too watery...pudding like. You want to bake till the seed pack is hard. Good luck! :)



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