Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's day sweets

For valentine's day sweets this year honeypie and I chose two recipes from Martha Stewart's February issue of "Living".
We chose her heart pocket pies and the pink heart meringues.
The pocket pies called for a pear/raspberry mix but we chose strawberry / pear instead.

Here are her meringues on the cover...

And here are her pies...

I also added a little bit of blueberries to deepen the red color of the fruit mix.

Honeypie brushed a egg yolk /heavy cream wash to help seal the edges of the pies

Pressing the seams

We crimped the edges of the pies with a fork (which Martha does not say to do...) but I think it seals the edges better and makes for a cute little pie.

Honeypie added an egg wash over the tops...

And sprinkled pink sugar over them

Ready for the oven

And out of the oven!

And now for the heart meringues !
I used a star tip for the ridged effect and the batter was 2 egg whites, a pinch of cream of tartar, and half a cup of sugar... Beat until fluffy!
We added a bit of pink gel coloring.

My batter was a little runny... Probably needed more beating time. So piping the hearts was a little harder...

Into the oven.....

Out of the oven!!!

Hope your valentine was Sweeeeet!


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