Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Martha Stewart Show...

A couple of weeks ago something pretty awesome happened to me...
I was able to attend a live taping of.... the Martha Stewart show!!!!
I cannot tell you how happy happy happy that made me!!!!
(One of my very best idols... love her and her empire...
the queen of craft... Martha stewart!)
The episode being taped included 3 female chefs, who made the most delicious dishes.
The first chef made home-made pasta and introduced me to the world of a pasta chitarra.
A pasta chitarra is a traditional italian tool used to cut fresh pasta sheets.  It resembles a guitar with its strings and you roll the pasta sheet over the strings using a rolling pin and that motion cuts the sheet into ribbons of pasta ready to be used. (You bet I am going to be wish listing that for my birthday.)
The second chef made a delicious dish with shrimp using something I had never used before called Israeli cous cous.  I have made traditional cous cous mainly known as tabouli before but never this round,  pellet-like wheat kind.  If you want to purchase it you can do so( here at amazon,)  though I bought mine in the bulk section  of Whole Foods supermarket. 
And the third chef made a delicious butterscotch sauce using a milk stout beer and poured it over a delicious dessert called "monkey bread".... I cannot wait to make that!!!  
The audience each received a french hand made "Staub" black mini cast-iron cocotte... 
if you are curious as to what it is peek or buy (here)
It was the mini pots used to bake the monkey bread in 
but I was quite disappointed to be given just ONE... it did not even come with a tasting of that delicious monkey bread! Bummer.
When I got home I googled the little black pot to see if I could buy another 5 to actually be able to make enough of the mini monkey breads to feed the family 
and to my astonishment I discovered that each mini pot is worth $49 bucks... 
So you can bet that monkey bread is going to be made in another container and that gifted one will now hold my coins, keys or I will give it to honeypie as her first VERY EXPENSIVE addition to her play kitchen.  Not a bad idea.
It was a wonderful day, full of good friends and ideas and maybe...
MAYBE... (as i dream here)
one day Martha and I can actually partake in a session of serious baking together or needle felting on-air.  
A girl can dream...NO?

Here is  her studio...

Lots of camaras, lights  and TV monitors... 
(can you see her craft area on the end there?  love that crafting table)

Ohhhh her gorgeous kitchen... (there is she with her 3 female chef guests)

yes, that is me (with a Martha shopping bag)
could not leave without getting some goods!!! 

But I was very good...
only got a glitter set for honeypie and an apron for me...
cuz' its 

super fun day... maybe I'll even have my one second of fame on-air as audience clapping... heh heh.

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