Monday, February 8, 2010

Bacon cupcakes

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine showed me a link to a place called "voodoo donut" in Portland , Oregon.   They specialize in all sort of sinful and gigantic donuts but one in particular caught my eye...
the bacon maple bar ... Aka... a maple frosted bacon donut!!!
Supposedly its like bacon, maple syrup and pancakes all in one!!!
We won't be visiting Portland Oregon or the sinful "Voodoo Donut" shop anytime soon sadly...
but to honor our curiosity I decided to bake us some Bacon Cupcakes inspired by that crazy bacon maple bar!
There are a lot of recipes for bacon cupcakes floating around in the internet and mine is a combination of a couple with some of my own magic thrown in.
This one has a maple mascarpone cream cheese frosting and spiced maple magic inside.  The bacon is organic and Hickory smoked straight from the Amish meat market near us.

How was it you ask?????

DELICIOUS!!!!!!   mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


(HERE) is a video of the famous Anthony Bourdain visiting Voodoo Donut in portland oregon over at "serious eats".



  1. Good golly that looks good. **I love being vegan. I love being vegan. I love being vegan.**

  2. You do know that February is heart month right? As in heart health ;) (I'm sorry, I could not resist after seeing the hearts on the cupcake

  3. OMIGoodness ladies!!!!! sorry!!! :( can't believe i missed that melissa!!! and i pride myself in being such the health nut and activist... does it count that i made them in january??? i swear i did... i was just curious!!! :)
    PS...claire i can send u the vegan recipe for these... they do make vegetarian bacon and when i used to be vegan i made BLT's all the time with this... delicious.... one brand that i remember is "morning star" veggie bacon strips... they also make a mean veggie hot dog and mini corn dogs!
    My newest acquisition of books are by Isa chandra moskowitz..."vegan cupcakes" and "vegan cookies".
    melissa...i am making the vegan recipe version of the bacon cupcakes this weekend to make up for this and posting the recipe!!! xo

  4. Oh my god, those look amazing!!!

  5. Great suggestions Clara! I'll look them up...



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