Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's day ideas

Oh, goodness... (sniffle sniffle)...
We have been hit with the flu here...  
Its been sooo long since we have actually been hit like this! :(

(Hope you are keeping healthy and warm!)

So as we sit here trying to get better...
we dream about a healthy and sweet February with birthdays and valentines.  xoxoxo

Here are some of our old blog posts of things we made last year, Valentines day inspired ...
click on the link if you would like the tutorial or recipe! xoxoxoxox

Goat Butter HOney caramels... (HERE)

VAlentine mini HEart raspberry pies ... (HERE)

Heart meringues.... (HERE)

Valentine Bling ... (HERE)

Heart making 101... (here)

Sweet embroidery gift making... (HERE)

Acrylic painted Love bugs (rocks)... 

Ebelskivers filled with nutella and raspberries make a lovely breakfast... (HERE)

Valentine lacing cards and oatmeal cookies ... (HERE)

Lovely little "birdycakes"...  (HERE)

Love cupcakes and tuille LoV e message cookies... (HERE)

Valentine fortune teller  ... (here)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Borax crystal snowflakes

All the snow that has been falling lately around here inspired us this week to create our own snowflakes.
There are a lot of recipes out there for forming crystals and we chose to do ours with borax, which you can find in any supermarket's laundry soap area. (Remember that you must use regular pure borax not the "detergent" soap.)

To do this project (2 crystal snowflakes) you need:

*2 pencils or chopsticks to hold the snowflakes suspended.
*2 wide mouth jars
*hot water
*5 pipe cleaners ( to make 2 snowflakes)

Leave 2 pipe cleaners long and
CUT 3 in half. (You will have 6 little pieces and 2 long pieces.)

Take 3 little pipe cleaner halves and twist them 3 times.

Fan them out to form a snowflake

Add a long pipe cleaner piece by twisting it's end to the middle of the snowflake. This you will use to hang the snowflake from the pencil or chopstick into the jar.

Measure - so that once you insert the snowflake into the jar, it doesn't touch the sides of the jar. (trim if you need to)
Otherwise when the snowflake forms, it's crystals it will stick to your jar.

Trim if you need to...

Add 3 tablespoons of borax to one cup of boiling hot water into your jar. See how many cups of water your jar takes ... The snowflake must stay submerged under the water.
Don't forget to stir to dissolve!!!

Secure your snowflake to your pencil or stick.
Make sure it doesn't touch the sides OR the bottom of the jar.

(my jar took 7 cups of water with 21 TBS of borax.)

This is what it looked like after 8 hours...

And this is what it looked like the next day!

You can try it with silver pipe cleaners or white ones.
Here is a blog that includes all the science standards used when making this science project.

And Martha's instructions (HERE).

Have fun!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Currently reading ...

Here are a couple of books we have been reading and/ or are planning to read this year.
Honeypie is obsessed with horses, unicorns and fairies.
This book is a how-to guide on taking care of horses and learning all about them. It has some 3D features. Great for any little horse lover.

This is a cute series.

This series has beautiful illustrations.

We have been reading tons of Laura Ingalls Wilder books, so this will be a great book to follow. It is a biography about her with tons of photos . I love "DK" books.

And who doesn't love Pippi???
We have been listening to the audio book and following along with the book.

And on Mama's bookshelf??

I don't have time for fiction nowadays. I tend to feel like my life is ticking away while I sit and sloth through a story...
(at least right now in my life.)
So these are more up my alley.

Love this book!
I started the pointy elf hat. Super easy.

And this one is on my to-do list.

Honeypie and I have a couple of projects to make from this great book!

Our next project together is this cute doll. There are a couple of patterns that are easy to make with kids.

And of course new cookbooks...
Love Indian food!


Oh boy! Chestnut ice cream!

Can't wait to try some of these recipes. This book was recommended by one of my teachers at the natural gourmet institute in NYC. Great recipe on how to make miso (takes a year) and how to make tempeh from scratch using black eyed peas, oat groats and kombu.


Making these this week.

Making this tonight...

And these tomorrow!

And on Daddy's bookshelf?...

Great reads for 2011!

What's on your book shelf?

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