Saturday, February 6, 2010


This snowy saturday we attempted a new breakfast adventure... Ebelskivers.
Of course you know about our passion for pancakes ( and Williams Sonoma
so we had to buy this pan pronto!
Ebelskivers are Danish puffy pancakes you can fill with all sorts of goodness and yumminess... 
just let your imaginations take you!
Super easy to make!!!

You can buy both at Williams sonoma 
The pan (here) and the book (here)

Brush a bit of melted butter in each hole and then add a tablespoon of batter.
Wait for the batter to bubble a bit then add the filling

placing the banana filling for the nutella and banana batch

next batch? 
strawberries and sweet cream cheese, spiced apples, and banana nutella chocolate.

It is simple to flip once you add more batter on top (another tablespoon about) ... 
I used chopsticks.

WOW!! sooo good. Here they are with some sprinkled sugar...

Cheddar and Ham

raspberries and chocolate nutella 
and spiced apples

you betcha!!!

Looking forward to using the fillings suggested in the book next time, like spicy japaleƱo corn cakes, pear walnut and blue cheese,  as well as salty pecan toffee???  wow! ...

So far the batter is delicious!

I love you Nordic Ware. 
yes i do.
Peek (here)


  1. Oh my dear lord. You have me salivating, yet again. Those combinations in those dainty fried pancakes are just too good to be true. :)

    Also, Honey Pie has the most brilliant eyes.

  2. hah!!! thank you melissa!!!
    Honeypie's eyes do speak endlessly :) joy ...sadness... excitement all in there! love that! and..... if you want a yummy valentines day present... may i suggest an ebelskiver pan? we are in pancake pillow heaven here!!! xo



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