Friday, February 19, 2010

La Carmina author of "cute yummy time" visits

La Carmina, author of the book "Cute Yummy Time" (amongst many more things)
seems to be a pretty busy gal!!!
Imagine our surprise when she visited our blog after reading our entry in which we made some things inspired by her book!!  (Read our entry here)

We even got a brief mention on her blog!   (Read her blog here)!!

Thanks La Carmina! ^_^

Loving your book and can't wait to make more like those gingerbread penguins and the tofu pandas!
Honeypie keeps reminding me about it so soon I'll post pictures!

La Carmina says...

"My life revolves around wild Tokyo subcultures and style, especially the morbid-meets-adorable Gothic Lolita. I write kitschy-cute books, design undead-Rococo clothes, and blog obsessively about my earless cat..."

Some things that birdycake and you might not know about La Carmina...
she is...

~AUTHOR (illustrator & photographer) - I am the author of three books about Japanese pop culture and food.

~BLOGGER - I do all the writing and web/graphic design for my popular Gothic Lolita/Japanese fashion & pop culture blog, which has been featured in The New Yorker, Washington Post, WWD, Time Out NY, LA Times, Village Voice and other major publications. 

~TV APPEARANCES - Guest on The Today Show  Co-hosted the Tokyo episode of Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre World, which airs on Travel Channel and in 75 countries (details here. Subject of NHK Japan 20-minute documentary about my work in cute cooking  Co-host of Canal France 90 minute documentary about Tokyo subcultures.

~DESIGNER - Upon graduation from Yale Law, I launched my fashion company, LA CARMINA. I teamed up with Montreal-based clothing company Akumu Ink to release a series of t-shirts and hoodies. The designs are “inspired by everything coming out of Japan from its cute pop icons to its terrifying horror movies.”

(The part about being in Andrew Zimmermen's bizzare world is pretty cool...  I Love that show!)


I am off to try to find "Goat Milk Butter" to make Martha Stewart's "Goat Butter and Honey Caramels!!  Yum!

Will post pictures soon!


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