Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's day ideas

Oh, goodness... (sniffle sniffle)...
We have been hit with the flu here...  
Its been sooo long since we have actually been hit like this! :(

(Hope you are keeping healthy and warm!)

So as we sit here trying to get better...
we dream about a healthy and sweet February with birthdays and valentines.  xoxoxo

Here are some of our old blog posts of things we made last year, Valentines day inspired ...
click on the link if you would like the tutorial or recipe! xoxoxoxox

Goat Butter HOney caramels... (HERE)

VAlentine mini HEart raspberry pies ... (HERE)

Heart meringues.... (HERE)

Valentine Bling ... (HERE)

Heart making 101... (here)

Sweet embroidery gift making... (HERE)

Acrylic painted Love bugs (rocks)... 

Ebelskivers filled with nutella and raspberries make a lovely breakfast... (HERE)

Valentine lacing cards and oatmeal cookies ... (HERE)

Lovely little "birdycakes"...  (HERE)

Love cupcakes and tuille LoV e message cookies... (HERE)

Valentine fortune teller  ... (here)

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