Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daisy scout update

I am soooooo excited! Why??? Because being a daisy scout leader rules!!! And even better? Being a daisy scout leader to the most sweetest coolest daisies there are! :)
It's been a busy 3 months !
Tons to do!
We are focusing so far on team work, golden rules, community involvement and environment awareness.

Doing tons of reading...

In October I baked some goodies to share (daisy scout ghosty cake pops)

Daisy scout friends

Made pilgrim bonnets with the troop in November.

In December we made scarves for other children who might need extra warmth this winter. (donated to a charity)

Mama's and daisy scouts worked so hard to make them together! :)
(they are a no-sew fleece pattern)

Made daisy scout Gingerbread christmas tree ornaments.

We made pinecone birdseed treat ornaments for the birdies during this cold winter season.

We learned our Girl scout promise!

We ended the year by having a daisy scout pledge ceremony. Each daisy said the girl scout promise and was invested. They got their daisy pin and daisy blue center for their smocks.

We also went on our first scout fun trip. We went to the movies to see "tangled" and the daisy scouts earned a "movie" fun badge.
Next we will start to work on earning our petals for our daisy. The first one will be the orange petal, "being responsible for what I say and do". We will also start our cookie sales, learn about earning and saving money and start to plan our end of the year trip!
So thankful for all the great Mama's helping out with the troop and so blessed by the enthusiasm everyone seems to share !
Here's to a great 2011!

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  1. I am so inspired by you! Also, I want to be in your troop! How fun that you started doing this during the big anniversary year too. miss you!

  2. Hi lady! Thanks for stopping by! Miss you too! (I owe you a call!!!) We are having tons of fun scouting. Huge hug!



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