Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh my, jicama

What in the world is a "jicama" you might be asking yourself. I know you might have seen it in the produce section if your supermarket, perhaps right next to a yucca or a plantain. This lovely and delicious root vegetable is Mexican and sometimes called a Mexican yam though it tastes nothing like a yam. It resembles more like a daikon radish or turnip but unlike yams or turnips which you have to cook first before eating, this one you can eat raw.
It can also be used as a substitute for water chestnuts in Asian dishes because of the texture and resemblance in taste. It is a great crunchy, sweet and delicious snack.

A great way to eat it is by slicing one up like so....

Add the zest and juice of half a lime. Sprinkle on some sea salt and cayenne to taste !

A quick and DELICIOUS snack !
Honeypie likes it plain but daddy loves it with a huge cayenne kick and I, myself ...
With plenty of lime juice!!!

Try adding it to salads too!

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