Friday, October 2, 2009


Last weekend I taught Honeypie how to embroider. She loves to try anything I am currently working on and though I did not have a plastic needle in hand I gave it a go anyhow. It is amazing to me what kids can do if they not only have the interest but if they believe in themselves! She was eager and I decided to begin with some burlap and a wide enough needle that is a bit blunt on the tip. Embroidery thread, a hoop and scissors.

I let her practice freely at first. (pretend the needle is a rocketship . It needs to "blast off" up and then it comes back down to earth, and go through the earth core! Then Up again... Take little hops with the needle and notice where the thread goes through.)

I then drew and image with a sharpie marker on the front and drew it "again" on the other side (back) of the burlap so that Honeypie knew how to follow the image with the needle on "both" sides of the embroidery.

Then we were off to start "the real thing" on nice linen fabric. I traced her hand with a sewing pen that wipes clean with a little water. And she began to embroider!

Here is her finished first project. Her hand print.

And mama's finished project!
for baby charlie...

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