Monday, August 31, 2009

latest cake making...

It was Sarah's wedding shower and she wanted a cake made for the occasion with cupcakes.
I immediately thought of the gorgeous book by Martha Stewart that I had and I decided to give a go at these beautiful "TUILE" cookie banners that I had been eyeing for a while.
Now the problem with Martha is that her recipes, whether craft or baking tend to have gorgeous photos that inspire and you feel you "MUST" try them but she always... always... tends to leave out something... and that is the disappointing part.
(who knows... maybe its me... i need things explained kindergarden style...)
but I do wish she was more specific ... added more information to her HOW-TO"S...
Less headache for me...

Here are the Tuile banner cookies I was tackling from her book...

she called for "foam board" and this is what I found at the store.
(I should have known that what I bought was foam core!!!!!!)
after some soggy experimenting and sloppy cookies that were smeared,
I head back to the store to investigate this foam board issue...

My bad penmanship comes back to haunt me and notice the smeared edges of the cookies...

OK!!! Found the proper foam board... Its that foamy material you find at craft stores that those foamy stickers are made out of...
Third attempt... not bad ... too bad about my handwriting...
Much better!
Oh you do have to use the silicone baking mat. I tried parchment paper and it was messy.

I begin the fondant sculpted figures

Cupcakes are decorated with hand sculpted flowers and doves.
Ready for the cookies on top

All finished!

Now for the cake...
sculpted love birds

The bride

Yes... the groom forgot his pants!

All done!
Here's to many many years of love and happiness Sarah and Jason!!

And OF COURSE never one to be left out!!!
Honeypie plays cake decorator with left over frosting and a cake layer I saved for her to decorate. A really fun project to do with kids. Sampling all the decorating "tips" for my piping bags. Stars, swirls, spaghetti!

TADAHHH! she had alot of fun! YUMMM!


  1. Wow, your skills with fondant are something else. That bride is incredible. But I am not going to lie, your little one's cake looks much tastier ;)

  2. agreed! nothing like good ol' chocolate frosting! even my marshmallow loving kid says fondant is just a bit too sweet! :) but it sure dresses up a cake no?



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