Thursday, September 30, 2010

First tooth ...

Oh it feels like we have been waiting for this forever! Our first tooth has finally fallen out!!
All it took was patience and a little inspiration from our favorite nana-like librarian, who swore all her grandkids had used a piece of terrycloth to giggle and pull their teeth out. (I have horrid flash backs of my childhood with a string wrapped around my tooth and around a door knob and a closing of such door).... So I in noway wanted rush her and i let her take control of her own teeth.
She was so excited!!

But we had a little problem...
She did not want the tooth fairy to take her tooth... So we left the fairy a little note...

And the tooth fairy left us a little note too!

She left us some coins and fancy chocolate as well!

Honeypie was amazed and completely on cloud nine. "mama!!! The tooth fairy left me a note!!! I am soooo special!!! :)"

Yes you are baby... Yes you are.

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