Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello fall...

We had been eagerly awaiting the beginning of fall all week. We went on night walks in the park to watch the moon and we were so excited for the harvest moon on wednesday night . But on our third walk on Wednesday, It started to thunder and the moon hid in and out of clouds all night. So no big orange moon sighting on this autumn solstice. :(
Thursday we went out again at night and enjoyed a yellow bright moon and welcomed the first night of fall. We opened all windows and aired the house out. (and burned some sage to clear the air .)
We did enjoy our night walks and loved hearing the sounds of crickets and night creatures. It was experiencing our park with new ears and eyes. We even saw big bright Jupiter . A huge treat.

Honeypie painted her favorite sighting of the moon.

We read books about autumn.

(some were funny!)

We also read a book about the moon.

And honeypie requested a "harvest celebration" like dinner... Something with corn she said. So I made her vegan corn chowder and vegan corn bread in the shape of cute little acorns.

(here's the cute acorn pan.)

She also started writing a book about fall. Here are some pages...

Hello fall !

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  1. Oh, oh, oh! I love the acorn pan!I have got to get one! The fall meal was wonderfully perfect! And I LOVE the moonn painting. Oh, you have SO inspired me!

  2. Oh wow what a wonderful celebration! I love the acorn shaped cornbread muffins :0)

  3. Thanks phyllis and michelle! :) Autumn is such a fun, creative and inspiring time! So much to see and do before the hibernation of winter comes! brrrrr
    I bought the acorn pan through william sonoma online last year but this year they have a new pan that is even better with acorns, walnuts, or pinecones and little pumpkins! very cute! thanks for stopping by!



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