Friday, September 10, 2010

Fairy houses and tree dwellings...

Its our official homeschooling, kindergarden day number 3... 
and yesterday we  visited the beautiful "Tyler Arboretum" in Pennsylvania.  
The Tyler Arboretum encompasses 650 acres and is home to ancient trees, rare plants, historic buildings  and beautiful hiking trails.  They had a fantastic exhibit called "Nature's enchantments" and it displayed over 30 amazing, artistic tree houses that children could climb and explore.  It also had through out the grounds, little fairy dwellings, houses and villages that artists had created  and the children had to find.  There were goblin houses, troll bridges, hobbit gardens, wizard workshops and gnome cottages.  
We had an amazing time!  So much fun! (and already a field trip on the first week of school!) ;)

Here we go!

A goblin house

A wizard's home

a beautiful bridge

A fairy home under a bridge

running wild in the fields...

forest spirits

A troll bridge

A little gnome cottage

A wizard's potions and spells workshop

More tree houses

A pixie village on a pond

It was a beautiful day!

We also read a great and inspiring book called "Fairy Houses" by Trace Kane and 
tomorrow we are going to go collecting materials in the forest, to start building our own fairy house outside.  


  1. What a magical fanciful place to visit for your first field trip! Love the wings. How did you find out about it? Wish I could spend some time in your Kinder world. hugs! p

  2. :) thanks!! We are having fun so far! She is very excited to get to choose what she is learning about. We are trying to keep ourselves outdoors and active, so i am doing plenty of researching about activities because soon its winter and i am such a bear in hibernation! brrrrrrrr. Huge hug back at ya ... can't wait to meet "O" in person! He is growing so much! total cutie! hope you are having a great first month back in school lady!



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