Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vegan zucchini spelt muffins

Today's yummy breakfast muffins comes via the book "Vegan Brunch" by Isa Chandra. If you have not heard about Isa and you are vegan, you should!
She is a great vegan cookbook author, whose books include "vegan cookies invade your cookie jar" and "vegan cupcakes take over the world".
Her recipes are so delicious that it makes you forget you are dairy-free and meat- free!!
What I love most about this book is that it shows you how to make vegan breakfast meats like chorizo and sausage and her pancakes and waffle recipes are more on the whole grains, low gluten side.
Spelt (which is used here) is a low gluten grain from the wheat family and it gives these muffins a nutty wholesome taste. The moistness in the recipe comes from the zucchini, almond milk and flax seeds.
The only down side to the book (which my sister pointed out) is that she chose to display herself holding some waffles with fruit on the cover... (Anyone can make that) ... I would have showcased her lovely veggie tofu scramble, her non-cheesy spreads and homemade bagels or her samosa mashed potato pancakes ...
But then again ...
If I was the queen of vegan, I'd put myself on the cover as well... Heh heh.

I added walnuts and raisins to the recipe. I think the raisins sweeten the deal!

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