Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting ready for the tooth fairy...

Our check-up at the dentist reveals that we have a first loose tooth and boy are we excited!!!!

It's very wiggly today, so we are preparing for the tooth fairy to come maybe this week!
Today we read this great book about tooth fairies and made a fairy pouch to put our tooth in!

"The Tooth Fairy" by Gaby Goldsack is a cute book to introduce kids to the idea of a tooth fairy and it has a cute feature at the end, where kids can log each tooth they loose.

We made a little tooth pouch to hold our first tooth.
I drew a little tooth on felt for honeypie and cut it out twice.

I embroidered a mouth and eyes..

And honeypie sewed it together, leaving a little opening for the tooth fairy to go in and out of!

First tooth... Coming out SOooN!

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