Friday, October 1, 2010

October revisited....

Fall is here and so is the loveliness of apple and pumpkin picking. 
I am posting some pictures with links to some of my last years blog posts, 
as inspiration for some yumminess you might want to partake in this year.

Here are some apple fritters we made  inspired by the little house on the prairie books, with recipe included.

Ma's Apple fritters  (here)

Here are some Apple jellies (here) inspired by Alice Waters

Apple prints (here)

Apple cupcakes (here)

Halloween cookies (here)

Pumpkin bites inspired by Bakerella (here)

A delicious and amazing pumpkin pot pie 
inspired by Martha Stewart (here)

A cute and easy halloween pumpkin dress up 
Instructions (here)

More halloween cookies (here)

And some great book ideas! (here)

Those were some great projects we made last year and I am getting ready for this years set. We have apple tarts and vegan pumpkin tamales, as well as tons of fun crafts to make. 

So stay tuned!

Happy first day of October!

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