Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sun Bread by Elisa Kleven

We are beginning to learn about the solar system and all its stars, planets, our moon and the sun.  
Today we began by reading the book  "Sun Bread" by Elisa Kleven, a beautiful story about a wintery gloomy day and a little baker dog who bakes a beautiful sun bread and makes the sun come out to brighten his village.  
We made our own delicious sun bread and watercolor paintings of our beautiful and very important sun! 


here's her beautiful painted sun!
(we also sang "you are my sunshine"  Elizabeth Mitchell's version.  We love her CD's!)


  1. Oh my goodness. Love love love the book (Elisa Kleven is a fave) but your bread outshines even the loveliest illustration.

  2. Yes!!! She is one of our absolute favorites!!! the paper princess series is so loved here!! and ernst? oooh and "puddle pail" is amazing, no? . ;) thanks for the compliments on the sun bread! It was yummmmy! huge hug, C



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