Wednesday, September 30, 2009

French apple tart

This weekend's baking adventure comes to you via "Baking with Julia" by Julia Child.
This was my first time making a french apple tart and I thought...
who better to teach me than julia herself!
I must admit I was a bit shocked to find her recipe called for vegetable shortening...
( REALLY JULIA????) I thought the french were all about the butter??!!.
But I am NOT one to argue with a MASTER, so off I went to bake.
My findings?
The filling was delicious!!!
I was pleasantly surprised to find that her use of breadcrumbs inside the apple mixture was wonderful and flavorful.
As for the tart shell...
I was not impressed. It was a bit salty and slightly "lardy" tasting . Honeypie did not like it. I think I am going to try it again using a "pate brisse" which makes a more sweeter only butter dough.
No on the shortening for me. :)

Pretty presentation though!

With left over dough I made pie pockets (use a cookie cutter and seal seams with egg wash)

And a delicious brie and caramelized onion galette... thought the photo is not too good!

For julia child's apple tart recipe (click here)

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