Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sea shell memory game

"MOD PODGE STINKS!!!" says honeypie

We participated in this weeks theme at unplug your kids which was "OCEAN". It has been a while since we visited... seems we have been cooking together alot instead of crafting and we had fun!
We got the idea for this project from last months "Family Fun Magazine". It was to create a memory game using sea shells and stickers. So perfect for this weeks theme and the idea of saying goodbye to summer.
Well, this summer has been quite a wet one and the times we were at the beach, the waves were so rough, I am sure that is why we could only find shell bits on our sea shell hunt.
So, we visited our local craft store and purchased some.
All you need for this project is some sea shells, some cute ocean stickers, doubles of each picture since it is a matching game, and mod podge (though honeypie HATED the smell of it). I suggest using this only is you want to seal the stickers. It adds a glossy affect to the shells. Though i wonder what acrylic medium or regular elmers glue would do. Mod podge does stink!!

You can store your game in a cute box and pop it out on a rainy or snowy day, to be reminded of summer days.
This was a fast project and not complicated at all, great for little hands.

^_^ ~ birdycake


  1. aaw, look at that!
    That's so cute-- and a great idea.

  2. This is BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for sharing. I now have another handmade Christmas gift on the list for my little one. (And maybe othersÉ!)

  3. This is adorable...I want to make one for Emily!! This would make a cute gift :0)

  4. Oh that is such a wonderful game! I really love how it turned out. Yes, Modge Podge is a bit stinky. You can also use Elmers (or any white glue) thinned out with water. Less smelly and still works pretty well.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments! We've been having fun playing the memory game and also making a cute box to hold the shells! We are going to make more for x-mas gifts! :)

  6. This is so cute! What a great idea!



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