Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainy Saturday...

Gift making ...

Mama too...

And Breakfast making!

Cheddar and ham popovers

And sweet potato fritters

Lovely mornin'

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^_^ birdycake on the go!


  1. Oh where to start lol...that breakfast looks absolutely scrumptious. I love yams in just about any form (except pie, too sweet)

    What book are you using for inspiration? Those are very lovely necklaces, I especially like your take on it very pretty stones.

  2. Thanks so much melissa! I am a big foodie as you can see! I'm making it up as I go along... inspired by what is in my fridge a the moment and the frazzle dazzle of getting honeypie to eat her veggies!!
    I've been getting creative trying. She loved the fritters so that is a great sign! Trying to gather it all together to finish a book i have been working on!
    As for sweet potato pie... have you thought of making it a savory sweet potato pie? think thyme and your favorite cheese? an herbed crust?
    fall is coming!!! i'll post a recipe!
    thanks for reading and if you want any of the above recipes I would love to share! :)
    ps... the necklace ideaa was from the august issue of martha stewart... It was chuck full of goodies!!
    ^_^ ~



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