Friday, September 4, 2009


Today honeypie and I are fighting over the Brie ... Cheese that is! We only have a sliver left and it will taste soooooo good with our farmer's market find of the day... FIGS !!
Honeypie would rather have the cheese alone all to herself and today will be her first taste of figs...
I slice them in half, place a small piece of Brie on top, and top them off with a drizzle of honey.
It is HEAVEN for me...
It is delicious, she says, Devine! I kid you not... She said "DEVINE"! Little gal after my own heart.

2 over ripe bananas hanging on the kitchen stand stare at me... Honey? Figs? ... Bananas?
We grab 6 figs and make delicious banana, honey and fig muffins... Totally inspired.

And what did we do with the rest of our farmer's market bounty?
We painted stilllife's ofcourse. The temptation of all those colors was too hard to resist !

Honeypie added happy faces to the vegetables... Because "the veggies are happy to be so good for you!!"

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  1. Aww figs. I remember back in MAT Chris (Walsh) used to wear this fig-infused cologne and I never could wrap my head around the idea of using figs for a fragrance. A bit irrelevant to your post, but I think it further exhibits the versatility of figs :)



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