Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ponyo snowglobe

Honeypie's idea today was to make a snowglobe.
A "ponyo" snowglobe!
We came up with the idea of maybe using an old jam jar, some clay you can bake in the oven, a hot glue gun and a bit of creativity!

Honeypie begins sculpting PONYO

Here is the house on the cliff by the sea with one of PONYO'S sisters...

Honeypie adds the bucket and some ham!
(we bake the whole thing in the oven at 275 F for 15 minutes)

and mama hot glue gun's it to the jam jar's lid

We add some water

We close it shut.
We hot glue gun the edges of the lid to keep it sealed
and then glue a ribbon around the edge too.

We did not put any glitter in it which you can do ....
and we did not fill it all the way with water since honeypie insisted
the house could not be submerged !



  1. I've been enjoying your Ponyo projects. I haven't seen the movie. I've seen a few of his other movies, though. They are beautiful. I should take a look at this one. Kiddo doesn't like anything that is remotely scary. To date, the only movie he will watch is Cinderella. Everything else he deems "too scary".
    I have wanted to make a snowglobe for a while. You make it look easy.



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