Friday, September 11, 2009

Quiet, busy... (making sushi with kids)

Lots of rain... lightning and thunder
Cozy blankets
Breakfast and movie in bed... "The Wiz" (emerald city in NYC) and apple cider donuts...
Some quiet stillness...

and when our belly's rumble ...
We head downstairs to make sushi.

(below is a quick visual tutorial)

A good adventurous project for little hands... but try it yourself before hand to get the hang of it. I used ingredients Honeypie was familiar with, egg, cucumber, cheese and ham... only because that is what she requested...
but use what ever your child loves.

This is a great book to read to children if you would like to introduce the eating of sushi. Yoko is a kitty from japan and she loves to eat the sushi her mama makes her in her lunch box but the kids in her class think she is weird and make fun of her until ... they actually taste the yummy goodness! A good book that deals with diversity.

and beautiful drawings too by Rosemary Wells.

The book below is a great book on sushi making for a beginner.
Its is just like the title says... easy!!

Tuck in your fingers and use carefully!!

Egg omelette
Nori and vinegar/sugar seasoned rice

rolling forward

Mama cuts them

cradle rice in your hand like small bundle
Wet the cutter lightly so rice does not stick
Press deeply

Hope you might try this... Honeypie ate it all!

^-^ ~birdycake


  1. I love those rice thingy made with the cookie cutters!

  2. Oh yummy! This is making my mouth water! I love sushi!

  3. Tiny fingers making rice ball are so cute!

  4. yes! we will try being more adventurous with our fillings next time. It is surprising how much little ones can accomplish with a little laughter and patience!



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