Saturday, August 22, 2009

zucchini chips

I have been following MaryJane's Farm magazine for a while now and love her recipes. Here's just one of the many I have been meaning to try.... Zucchini chips. Good time to bring out your dehydrator if your garden bounty has been plentiful!
Next on our agenda... making our own cheese. We found a good recipe in her magazine
but I wish her website offered recipes...

hey maryjane... why so hush hush??? share the love!

Here's our go on the dehydrator using zucchinis from our garden

Delicious with the garlic dip... questionable without...

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  1. I have been making zucchini chips and was going to post about it on my blog too. I googled them and found your post. So funny to see...we even have the same dyhydrator! I have been blending a fresh tomato, garlic and salt and dipping them in that before placing in the dyhydrator and they are yummy as is! Enjoy the bounty!



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