Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grasshopper on the road

We are on the road!
A great Musical road trip with bluegrass and folk love
blaring the car radio to foot stomping banjos and the melodic beautiful voice of Gillian Welch.
Honeypie is already homesick... We are not even half way into our trip... She says her toys miss her... Mmmmm
Great day at the folkfest...meeting Gillian Welch was a treat for honeypie who told Gillian her favorite Song was "fly fly away".
Night fell and we read a good book about being on the road , "grasshopper on the road" by Arnold lobel . Grasshopper decides to take a road trip and meets all sorts of people/ animals on the way... It's a symbolic story about life and how we choose to live it. The beetles who are stuck in a group of their own kind (only peole who like morning are cool!) , the mosquito that had to have things ... Just so . The butterflies doing the same thing everyday and the fly who only wanted to clean ... Had a bit of OCD if you ask me. But grasshopper... A buddhist at heart I must say ... Lives day by day... Enjoying life as it comes.
Lesson learned? Go with the flow honeypie.
Home will be there when we return. Seek adventure and do not be afraid of change for now.

Mama, dada and honepie on the couch... At home

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^_^ birdycake on the go!

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