Wednesday, August 26, 2009


One of those blah days.
Trying too figure out life with too much thinking on this AM...
There are a couple of blogs I follow that always take me to far away places.... mountains and creeks, beekeeping, and cheese making, tending sheep, wrangling cows, dying wool...
homeschooling... unschooling...
I am feeling here in my space half between a city life and 2 miles close to as country as we can get for now....
I know, I feel how fast life is moving.
At night we talk about quality of life and remind ourselves
we are doing the best we can for today...
but what is it we want for tomorrow?
and can we just leap
and grab it?
what are we waiting for?

there is only right now

Some blogs that bring me to a better place...


  1. I think you have a beautiful family and a beautiful life, and the only important thing to do is to just to always have faith in everything that life throws at you :)

  2. Hi,
    Maybe, I'm wondering about the same question that has no right answer at far from your land, in Japan.
    Every day goes by so fast. Every night I feel something left undone.
    I'm frustrated sometimes but watching the sleeping face of kids make me feel better.

    By the way, your baking skill is amazing!!! I've never seen such a beautiful wedding cake in my life!
    I bake a birthday cake for families, and let my kids decorate it. They do exactly the same as your beutiful daughter!!

    Your blog goes to my fav!!

  3. hi naodragonpeach!
    welcome here and thank you for reading!
    I agree with you... the day goes so fast and there is always something left undone... My to-do list is always getting longer...
    I try to remind myself to live here, now. live for today. To be present in everything we do .... when my daughter and I are together... there is only that moment. and she grows too quickly. So nothing should matter more than that. You are right... ahhh the beauty of those sleeping faces!
    Thank you so much for visiting here and for your kind words about my baking/ blog! Cooking with kids can be so much fun ...and its probably the only way that mine will eat the veggies or anything new! :)
    i look forward to reading more of your blog and finding out more about japan!
    warm regards! ~birdycake



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