Monday, August 10, 2009

Totoro ... My friend

Totoro is our new pal .
He is honeypie's friend, protector , confidant.
Loving and being loved tremendously.

This weekend we worked on a present honeypie received for her birthday from a friend... "pearle beads".
Takes a long time to complete...
But calming and meditative ...
I'm contemplating the heating of these plastic beads with an iron though...
(mmmm can't be good for the air...)
Here's our attempt at miyazake's Totoro and friends...

All ironed and finished!

We placed our guys on a string... VoilĂ  ! Necklace!

Honeypie's totoro watercolor


Mama's attempt at a totoro and family portrait

And after an afternoon of totoro crafting...
I find a little love goodie for me...

Made with love for me from honeypie and daddy.
Mama being loved

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