Wednesday, August 19, 2009


PONYO !!! portrait by Honeypie!

MAMA starts the PONYO dolly...
human form please was honeypie's request!

Some soot sprites too!

Mmmmm... honeypie art directing me...

Almost done!

In loooveeeeee!!!!

This weekend we saw another gorgeous film by Hayao Miyazaki!!!
This one is called "PONYO" on a cliff by the sea. It is full of rich and colorful hand drawn frames, unlike the PIXAR films...(which by the way i love too)...but they rely on 3D animation and there is something so beautiful about the traditional form of animation, completely hand drawn.
Another Studio Ghibli production that has blown us away!

Honeypie is in love with Miyazaki's films and who wouldn't be... the stories are so imaginative and magical!!! They take us to so many far away magical places in which we act out each character and also have inspired many art experiences here.
Ponyo is the story of a little goldfish princess who wants to be human and whose father is reluctant to let her be... in a world which treats the earth with such disrespect, filling the oceans with tons of pollution. The waves made out of fish are so beautiful!
The story has it's similarities with Hans Christian Anderson 's version of the little mermaid... But very little really.
Ponyo was magical and gorgeous!

After the movie honeypie wanted a ponyo dolly... Human form ofcourse and I could not find any. Not even on eBay.
So ...
I made one for her (needle-felted with love)
and she is a trully happy birdy!!!

The top drawing is her version of ponyo and she is wearing "bombachas". In spanish it is what we call that style of little girl undergarments.

Beautiful movie!!!
Please go out and see it!


  1. AMAZING!! I can't wait to see the movie! Lucky lucky children!!

  2. Fabulous blog! Just came across it for a while...and I must say, you are ONE TALENTED LADY!

    I read down to your Special Agent OSO post and laughed 3 1/2 year old son LOVES that show. We don't have TV, but watch it online...such a peculiar little bear, that Agent OSO is!

    Thanks for the laughs...Love your blog!

    ryandeannapoulsen blogspot com

  3. WOW!!! thank you all so much for your comments!!! sometimes i post and i trully feel like i am posting to myself... don't know who is actually reading any of my babble! Thank you so much!!
    HeH heh! agent oso... i know... I still don't know how I feel about him but honeypie is nuts about him!

  4. Oh wow! I don't suppose there's anyway I could commision you to make one for my little girl? That's brilliant! :D

  5. Thanks so much Katherine! very flattered!! ;)
    I could yes... make one for you... i have an etsy shop that i haven't quite gotten around to filling.... If you are trullu interested... email me! ;)
    and my etsy shop name is birdycake
    thanks for stopping by and for the great compliment. Normally all my goodies are for my little one... my biggest fan! ;)



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