Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Pumpkin dress-up

Here is a super cute project Honeypie and I came up with this week, as an alternative to the traditional Jack-o-lantern carving.
Our four baby pumpkins decide to dress up for halloween as...
a witch, a ghost, a bat and spider!

If you would like to make this project too...

all you need is:

baby pumpkins
chenille pipe cleaners
glue and a small brush for applying glue
seamstress pins (they are a pin with a colored plastic ball at the end)
black beads (for making jewelry)
scraps of black felt
white batting or wool roving

(These are the pipe cleaners we loved, the dress makers pins close up and the beads we used with a hole not too big so the pins can hold them in place)

To make the eyes, mark with a pencil where you will like the eyes to be and then lace a pin with a bead and push it into the pumpkin on the place you marked with the pencil.

To make the spider legs I used a toothpick to pre-punch the holes for honeypie to press the pipe cleaners into.

To make the ghost, we placed white batting over the baby pumpkin lightly so you can still see the pumpkin beneath.

To make the bat, I pre-cut the wings out of felt, and honeypie helped me glue the toothpick into the sections that were going to be pressed into the pumpkin. She laced the beads for the eyes and we used 2 pieces of rice for the bat teeth. All the smiles are made out of felt and glued on to the pumpkins.

For the witch, we used a long wooden stick and attached strips of yarn and tied a strand of yarn to secure the broom. We made the hat out of black felt and glued it in place.

For the ghost, we placed the facial features after putting the batting on the pumpkin and glued the smile onto the batting.

Here they are ready for their halloween party parade!!!

~happy halloween crafting!


  1. These pumpkins are too cute!
    Honestly, if we weren't leaving for California early tomorrow morning, I would go right out and get the materials to make these with my kids.
    Thanks for sharing such an adorable idea!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by deayn!!! there's always next year!! :)



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