Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apple printing

OK... here is another "apple" idea...
(and then we're off and on to pumpkins!!!)

Printing with apples. All you need is paints and an apple!

Slice the apple in half.
Paint on the apple the color you wish it to be.
(You can also just dip the apple front in paint)

Press the apple onto paper.

Use a paint brush to add seeds or a stem and leaves!

*ps...We have also tried printing with dried sun flowers. 
If interested... (see here) !


  1. I recently bought Wednesday some paints and sponge brushes, I think this is the perfect first project. Thanks for sharing.

  2. absolutely! have fun and can't wait to see pictures!!
    i also have tried this with dried sunflowers... ( i have an entry
    very easy too...) i'll link it/add it on this entry if you are interested! :)



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