Monday, October 18, 2010

Thinking math

The last couple of weeks we have been doing all sorts of fun things while thinking mathematically. Math is not a subject I enjoy but it seems that my honeypie adores it and I'm excited she will not have to struggle as Daddy or I did. (I'm sure that gift comes right from nana and pop pop). :)
We have been...

Counting with M and M's

Counting with Teddy bears

Making patterns with Teddy bears

Figuring out how to make pictures with geometry tiles

(a boy flying a kite)

Reading some math books. ( This one gave us some great conversations as we tried to solve the math games.

Working with fractions.

Working with fraction tiles

Making connections!

Drawing and thinking fractions

So far lots of energy, enjoying using a mathematical mind and most important...
Keeping math fun!

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  1. Wowee - fractions already?? I'm impressed!

  2. i know! :) she's a sharp one that one... way sharper than mama. Ms Hoffman would be impressed no? ;)



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