Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coconut cookies

Today we are all about Martha Stewart's coconut cookies.  
I have been getting her emails about the "cookie of the day", full of great  recipes and last week there was an amazing amount of yumminess going on.  
These were baked more for honeypie's pop-pop who is a true coconut macaroon lover.  These cookies are a cross between a macaroon and a short bread cookie... so coconut island goodness in every bite and so easy to make!

Here is the recipe from Martha's site... (here)

and sign up for her "cookie of the day" recipes... you wont be dissappointed!!  (here)
well maybe the thighs will be dissapointed at the amount of cookies you'll now be baking during bathing suit season... 
but how can you say no to macaroon like cookies????  who has that kind of will power?????


 I scooped the dough with a small ice cream scooper 
so each cookie would be the same size...

roll each into coconut

place them on parchment paper on a cookie tray and bake!!

mmmmmmmm soooo good!!

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