Monday, May 17, 2010


We have a serious loving for unicorns here at our house and I love that honeypie really believes in them ...along with rainbows, fairies ,mermaids and magic!!  :) 
In this now era of the "High School Musical" and "Hannah Montana" Brouhaha.... it is my own personal quest to hold on to that kid magic.... that 5 year old outdoor running, fairy dwelling making, toadstools and caterpillar finding, fun.  
(really... what does a 5 year old know or need to know about High School life anyways????? there's pleanty of time in between till then!!!  AND... since we are at it...CAN YOU BELIEVE there are DOLLS out there CALLED "BRATZ????"... really now...brats???  this is what we want our kids to play with???)
Inside honeypie's head, imagination swims and armed with her market box and paper, the days are spent creating her world.
and I love it.  

Today star catcher is her best friend...

and Lucy

and we draw unicorns and wizards

I love their progression... this one is soo real!

And sadly , we discovered there are not many unicorn books out there.  
But here are some we found and love.
"The little lost unicorn" by Lorna Hussey is beautiful.  We love the story and the beautiful artwork.  There are pages where you can find unicorns hidden in the grass, wind, tree bark... and we love searching for them.  A really sweet book.

This one is called "Unicorn Wings" and it is a great beginner reader book.  It is about a little Unicorn that wished he had pegasus wings. 

And ooooohhhhhh we love this one!!!  
not the best story per say... but it has all this interactive pull out nick knacks that make the book so fun.  You  can dress the unicorn, feed it, etc... lots of flap lifting .  very cute.

and i am kind of done with the whole dora theme... 
the stories are all the same and if i see that map or swiper one more time ...zzzzzzzz.
honeypie loves this one....and that is what matters.... and plenty of unicorns in it. 

and the whole  " my little pony" thing is probably more my doing...
something to do with me being 13 years old way way back and my mother saying that I was too old for that big brown "my little pony" that i wanted for that birthday...sigh...
  but now I get to play with them with honeypie.... so there.

Unicorn magic and pony love... never goes away...
and you are never too old to play with toys...
or to imagine!



  1. I've heard good things about The Unicornis Manuscripts by Michael Green and Billie the Unicorn by Brianne Drouhard. My son has Into the Land of the Unicorns by Bruce Coville, though I don't know that he's actually gotten around to reading it yet.

  2. Hi Birdy! I have been meaning to stop by and thank you for the warm Mother's Day wishes and haven't. Bad manners I know!

    But, to make up for it I have two Unicorn books not on your list.

    I Wished for a unicorn byRobert-Heidbreder
    There technically is no unicorn, but there is wizards, magic woods and a dragon.

    Where have the Unicorns Gone by Jane Yolen

    This book is gorgeous, and the message is wonderful. I think you and Honey Pie will like it.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks so much both of you for the unicorn book suggestions!!
    I will get right on to the library!! :)
    honeypie is going to be VERY VERY happy!
    I actually had not heard of any of the suggestions... so i look forward to reading them!! thanks again!!

    and no problems melissa!!! from your blog i see you are creatively busy busy busy like a bee!!! ;)



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