Monday, May 24, 2010

A homemade life by molly wizenberg

I have been reading "A homemade life" by Molly Wizenberg, the author of the wonderful blog "orangette". What a lovely lovely book!!! Full of really touching stories about her life and family and chuck full of delicious recipes, which she shares!! To try to get some extra reading time in there, in order to finish it, ( what mama has time to read?????) I've been reading the book aloud with honeypie on my lap. She has been enjoying listening to it too... :)
Friday we decided on a nice tea time, just honeypie and I. She requested a full dress up tea, involving crowns, dresses and painted finger nails. ( The last time I painted my nails might have been for my wedding... They are not worthy of polish since I bite them off viciously)...
So we dressed up and I pulled out my new beeeaaauuuuuttttiiifffuullll tea set by Williams Sonoma!!! The honeybee set that just came out... (I'm nuts about bees and honey!!!) It's soooo lovely... You'll see below!! 
Tea is always best enjoyed served on pretty things, while wearing pretty things and eating yummy pretty things!!!
So fully inspired, i decided to make Molly's special "French style yogurt cake with lemon". Molly says in her book, that she owes the cake alot of gratitude, being that it is via that recipe she posted on her blog that she found her sweetheart Brandon ( or rather... he found her!!). It is a great story too and you should read in her book!! (I'm a sucker for romance stories).
It was an easy to make cake and very delicious. Not overly sweet or overly lemony. Honeypie devoured 2 platefuls and left just crumbs. A sign of a great recipe and yummy one at that. The icing the recipe calls for is a must and I would personally double the lemon zest it calls for, if you want a more lemony taste. And don't overbake or it will taste too dry... I did not have whole milk yogurt and used fat free... Which I think was why it was not as moist as I would have liked.

Just thought I'd share a beauty of a cake mold... by nordic ware ... Via my friend Lisa, who is a baker too, over at Bundt-o-licious ... Who not only bakes the most delish bundts  but gave me the heads up on the tea set and this cake mold too! She says she works next to or near a Williams Sonoma store in the city...( I don't know how she can sleep at night).... 
I salivate over cake and cookie molds or sets, as a dying man in the desert might salivate over water for salvation. 
Sad maybe... But true. ;)


A new tea too by republic of tea... Hibiscus pineapple lychee ! Mmmmm

Tea for two

Only crumbs!!

Beautiful tea time! Best with my girl!

I will be trying molly's pink cookies... Which are actually not molly's recipe but jimmy's! ;)
and her cherry, goat cheese and arugula salad along with her pinenuts and golden raisin turkey meatballs for a romantic dinner with daddy followed by scrabble!
(I'm also mad for board games!!)

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