Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today?... I am "smitten kitchen" inspired...

It is a rainy rainy day outside and honeypie and I are recouping from colds and stomach bugs.  Seems like we came back from Mexico right into a toxic wasteland... 
BUT we are on the mend!
Today finds us painting on easels, reading lots of books and baking.  
(and I'm sneaking some cleaning in there too...)
and since we are talking of baking... 
have you been to this awesome, delicious, mouth watering blog called "Smitten Kitchen"?  
It was created by a gal named Deb who says she is a writer, cook (in a tiny tiny kitchen) , photographer and occasional dishwasher ! ;) 
She has an impressive list of awards and press... but personally I am just plain in awe of her food recipes and photos...  (the photos are dreamy in a hunky Marlboro man kind of way food can make me dream...)
Deb says she likes "bourbon, artichokes, things that taste like burnt sugar and baked goods with funny names" and I must agree that definitely so do I!!!
Today we made 2 recipes from her blog.  
Her "raspberry buttermilk cake"  cake  (except i used strawberries instead) and 
her "avocado salad with carrot ginger dressing", the dressing was AWESOME but i think i made mine a little too chunky...need less carrot i guess.
MMMMM both were delicious!!!
though my photos are NOWHERE near as beautiful as hers... 
her recipes were sooo easy and sooo good.
Go on and take a peek at her blog.
Can't wait to try out more!
Here's my carrot ginger dressing.... sooooo gooooood!!!


and my strawberry buttermilk cake of yumminess!


Thanks smitten kitchen!!



  1. thanks stephanie! it was a good cake base to add any kind of fruit really.... i'm thinking fresh peach next maybe... ;)



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