Sunday, May 9, 2010

A mama day moment

Today is mother's day...
A role I was gifted 5 blessed years ago. I can't begin to share the immense love I feel inside for this beautiful girl... My child... Not enough paper, megabites or time. All I know is that my life is so much greater by these mothering days.
I am... She is... We are.
And I feel so very blessed.

To my beautiful girl ... Thank you for being you... Wonderfully-lovingly -sweety pie - you.
(May you one day in the far away future also be a mama too.)
I love you with all my being.

(honeypie's words for me today..."mama... I love you because you always smell like birthday cake!!!" ;)

"mama.. Today is the BEST day... You do not have to do laundry or dishes and you can watch Martha Stewart on the tv ALL day!!! Ok?" ;)

Today... But not just today... I'd like to thank those women in my life who, though not my mother, continuosly inspire me daily with their words, humor, savvy and love. It is this support that helps to make my mothering parenting days of whirlwind loveliness easier and in that nurturing of friendship, I put forth me. Learning, sharing, living , loving back.
I Thank you.

"Let us be greatful to the people who make us happy... they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
~ Marcel Proust






Lovely heart

A mama day thirst quencher...

A Cucumber margarita ;)

-You need one English cucumber
-I cup of simple syrup (one cup sugar to one cup water and heat till dissolved . Cool in the fridge)
-one cup lime juice
-one cup of white /silver tequila (or to taste )
-place in a blender

Blend  and then strain the pulp with a colander into a serving jar
*NOTE: I like the margarita strained... but if you prefer to use the pulp in your drink... it will make a great addition to to a FROZEN margarita... then all you would have to do is blend the cucumber pulp with ice and then add the rest of your ingredients.

Rub the rim of a glass with lime juice
Add salt to the rim

Pour the blended Cucumber mix into the glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

Delicious !

And look what daddy made for mama...

A warm mixed green salad with homemade croutons, bacon and lentils

And a beautiful seafood bruchetta !

Thank you daddy ! It was delicious !!

Happiest mother's day everyone !


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  1. Looks absolutely delicious - and you look and sound wonderfully happy. Just remember that all of this love that surrounds you is in response to all the love you are putting out there. The ultimate sustainability! Lots and lots of love to you.



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