Sunday, April 19, 2009

Turnoff TV WEEK blog challenge

This monday starts the TV turnoff challenge week at "unplug your kids".  
We are very eager and scared at our new challenge participation but as with all things we decide to partake... we are plunging right in.  
It is going to be a very interesting experiment... its not like we are constantly watching the tube.  If we really analyze our TV time... Daddy likes his "daily show" and "storm chasers" in the evenings, honeypie likes her "Max and ruby" or "Toot and puddle" in the afternoon, and I? who barely gets to call the TV set her own? ...  "ace of cakes" and the "extreme cake challenge" are part of my "its my turn" moments.... 
We are very active in tons of nightly and daily activities but its true... we can at times fall into a bad TV routine.
So... not sure who is most scared.... 
We are planning lots of reading time, crafty nights, puzzles and audiobooks, cooking and music listening.  
and the other screen... that computer...? it is going to be tough.  Daddy uses it for business but I will try to limit to the occasional night time.  Scheduled time, not random all the time.

Its actually going to be a busy busy week since its also earth day on tuesday and we had planned a whole week of "earth crafts" to do together.... 
and it is also "science" week at "unplug your kids" too!!!  ... 
all in which we are partaking!!!

Lets see how it goes!
We started talking about No TV week today... 
here is a project honeypie started on her own this morning... 

what is it you might ask???

ITS A "TV FACTORY"  and a flashlight.... (all made USING RECYCLED MATERIALS!) 

the flash light... because god knows what you will need without TV at night!!!

I just had to laugh...  :)


  1. I love the TV Factory. Good luck this week.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, good luck to you guys, I check you out next week...arghh I've been on the net 5 minutes, I'm logging out till tonight.

  3. I think you'll love your TV-free week. I did it once for over a month, and it was great. The first few days were tough, though, as I was used to just turning it on without thinking when I was bored. Good luck!



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