Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Earth day !

Happy earth day!!!

Hope It was wonderful!

Yesterday was  a cloudy, rainy day outside our window.... and we are sick indoors too.
Our plan of going outdoors and planting was sadly postponed ...

But in honor of mama earth, we made instead some recycled art.
Collages, painting and even some baking!!!
( We made an earth globe cake.  We will post pictures later!)

Here are some of our creations!

I made Mr and Mrs Green  
(made using wooden pegs and acrylic paints, hot glue and fabric scraps)
in their eco-friendly, energy efficient, recycled toilet paper roll car.
This family knows all about helping to save the environment!

And we made some cool house slippers using recycled cereal box tops and cardboard.
To make your own...
Here's how:

You'll need some cardboard.
some cereal boxes
a hot glue gun
a marker
feet for tracing or shoes...
I traced honeypie's feet with a marker while she stood on the box.  

I then cut the each foot print out.

I cut the top of an old cereal box into strips the long way.  About 2 inches wide.  But really depends on the size of the foot you trace.

Here's what you'll have after you cut out all. 

I measured on the strip of cereal box where my fold (under) would be.  I marked it with a marker.

I placed some hot glue on the inside of the strips and blued them under the slipper.

After I had glued both straps, it was time for some decorations.  I cut another cereal box into shapes of a flower.  Some petals and the inside circle.

And I glued them on with some hot glue.
All done.

Some house slippers!

We also painted and collaged about Our Garden, using recycled magazine papers.
(We were inspired by "ordinary life magic's" go fish.)

Honeypie paints the sky in many different shades of blue.

We sponge grass...

We paint some blades of grass and sponge in some soil...

We sponge in some clouds

and add some recycled magazine paper collaged flowers, butterflies, bumble bees, and earthworms!

It was a lovely day... though indoors!
We love you mother earth.


  1. That picture is beautiful!
    I love the hat, bumblebee and butterfly. :) Nice details. Love the flowers, too.

    The slippers are darling.

  2. Thank you stephanie!
    This was definitely inspired by your waterfall and fishy project which was beautiful!

  3. Cute flip flop! You won the CD. E-mail me with your mailing info!



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