Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun

After reading a bunch of wonderful easter inspired books...

We spent easter weekend being creative and inspired by  "the crafty crow"!! (Link here)  
(sooo many good projects to do!! what to choose???) 
We ended up  creating some watercolor eggs inspired by "My montessori journey". (link here)
and had a lot of fun!  
We added our own touches... collage, glitter paint and pompoms. 
Honeypie thought of adding a baby chick to one.  So we  added a 3D affect to our watercolor egg with a grommet? and now it opens and closes to reveal the baby chick!  We also decided to create watercolor easter basket with a bunny that plays "PEEK-A-BOO!"

Hope your easter was lovely!


  1. That egg with the brad that splits open to reveal the chick is darling!!
    I"ll have to remember that for next year. :)

  2. A brad!!! that is what is called!!! I kept telling my little one... grommet, staple thing...!! thanks stephanie!!! :)



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