Saturday, April 18, 2009

sunflower prints

We have come to the end of the sunflowers nana gave us for easter.  
They have provided us not only with days of brightness in our house but also with hours of art opportunities!  

We have painted them, drawn them, dissected them, read about them 
and now as they have dried... 
we used them to make sunflower prints.

Here is how you can make your own too.

You will need: 

yellow paint, or other colors too, orange, brown and or green.
and paper.

First we cut each stem off flower. Then we dipped each flower into the yellow paint.

We pressed the painted side of the flower onto the paper.

We used a paintbrush to add details to the flowers. Brown dots for the inside of the sunflower.

We also painted on the inside of the flower with brown paint and re-pressed it for the above look.


Ideas for your project?

why not use the sunflower pattern piece of paper you just made as wrapping paper?  

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  1. really good idea with the sunflower prints, I'd like to try that one too!



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