Friday, March 26, 2010

Birdie's Big-Girl shoes by Sujean Rim

A wonderful new book has been written by a great long time friend of mine, Sujean Rim! 
Its called "Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes".  
Super cute and all about little girls who love dressing up like their mamas.   
The illustrations are beautiful (and I'm not just saying that because she is my friend!!)  
and the ending is just perfect (thought i wont tell you it ... it's a surprise and you have to buy the book to find out what it is!!) can buy it here from amazon (here)


Here is a cake I made for her first reading based on her illustrations from her book.

and cupcakes too! 
Loving Shoes shoes shoes!!!

Here is her website to see some of her beautiful illustrations!!  (here)

She's also a brand new mama and hopes to embark in the blog-osphere soon!
Can't wait for her to do so!!!


  1. Holy moly lady! That cake is incredible. And the little icing shoes on the cupcakes? WOW! Also, that book looks awesome it is totally on the list!

  2. Melissa - The book is AMAZING!! It will make you want to have the shoes in the book when you read it! And the mom is oh so sophisticated...a fashion diva. Very cute book!

    Blog creator - (because I don't know your real name) Your cake is wonderful! I LOVE it! So cute!

  3. Thanks so much tiffany! and thanks for visiting my blog too!

    Yes, the book is so beautiful!
    (sujean is a great and super talented friend of mine from HS ;) ) ... her illustrations are super cute and my daughter, who ofcourse is mad about dress-up... adores the book as well!
    I loved the inspiration it gave me to make that cutie AND delicious cake creation!
    ...and can call me birdycake! ^_^

    take care!

  4. Birdycake,

    You are blessed to have Sujean Rim as your dear friend. She inspires me! She has amazing talent! I bet she's a great friend, too.


    You are talented as well. I really enjoy reading your blog. And your daughter seems very sweet. Love to read the posts about all the fun mother daughter things you do together. I hope someday I have a daughter to make memories with. <3

    Happy blogging,




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