Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Patrick's day cupcakes

This St paddy's day we decided to make rainbow cupcakes!
Using a batter recipe for vanilla yellow cake , we dyed various portions of the batter in different bowls and Poured the batter into a cupcake pan by layering the colores with a spoon.

Mmmmm, taste the rainbow!!

Here are some with a buttercream top and just green batter...

And then we decided to make meringue cupcake toppers...

Here's the meringue batter dyed green.
The art of the meringue is simple ...
You need :
2 egg whites
1/2 cup of sugar
And a pinch of cream of tartar
*food coloring (optional)
Beat all the ingredients in your mixer for about 10 minutes or till the eggwhites are very fluffy or in firm peaks and you are ready for piping on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Honeypie having a little creative meringue moment...
Cats and swirls...

Bake the meringues at 175* for 2 hours

So Cute and delicious!!!



  1. MMMm meringue shamrocks...I love the green cupcakes with a swirl of butter cream. I didn't get so excited about St. Paddy's day this year, I am saving my energies for Easter. :)

  2. thanks melissa! can't wait to see your easter creations! ;) i am sure they are going to be inspiring and wonderful!



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